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Bikaner is a desert built on an elevation and surrounded by a long embattled wall pierced by five gates. A magnificient fort built betwen 1588 & 1593 by Raja Raj Singh dominates the city. Sheer beauty in the desert is the royal fortified city of Bikaner. Lying at the northern tip of the famous triangle of the desert cities, Bikaner is a beautiful medival town.

Lalgarh Palace - Bikaner, Bikaner Travel Agents
For the best time of your life, welcome to the holiday at Bikaner. The breathtakingly beautiful city of camels and citadels is awe aspiring owing to its camel safaris, fabulous forts and the worship of thousands of holy rats at Mata Kali temple.

Junagarh Fort, Bikaner Vacation Packages

The must visit for the tourist is topped by the Junagarh fort with its captivating cutworks and dots on the red stones and the marbles. Inside the fort the Dewan-i-khas, the Phool Mahal, Hawa Mahal, Badal Mahal and Anup Mahal will sweep you off your feet. The Lalgarh Palace is the other beautiful palace in Bikaner. A part of it has now been converted into a hotel for promotion of tourism and the other part is the preserver of the legacies of the yester years in the form of Sadul Museum. For more amazing antiques and artilleries you may visit the Ganga Golden Jubilee Museum.

Ganga Golden Jubilee Museum, Bikaner Tour Packages

The beautiful Bikaner has the Mata Karni and Goddess Durga temple, the Bhandasar Jain Temple and the Shiv Bari Temple that attract the most pious tourists to Jaisalmer. For souvenirs and general shopping metal ware, blue pottery, paintings, puppetry, embroidered fabrics and block-printed fabrics are the best bets that are easily available in Bikaner.

The city of Bikaner is the renowned venue for several fascinating festivals. You may enjoy the camel races, camel milking and camel dancing competitions at the annual Camel Festival. The festival is celebrated in January every year and attracts several tourists to Bikaner. During spring Bikaner hosts the famous Gangaur Festival. The 18-day long festival is dedicated to Goddess Parvati. In case you are planning your tour of Bikaner in November the full-moon night is the most auspicious occasion to be there. Bikaner celebrates the Kolayat Festival with the holy dips in water of the Kolayat Lake then.

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