Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dhoti - Introduction, History, Importance in India, Video how to wear it correctly

Dhoti is known to be a traditional wear for men all over the country specially in Bihar. Even today men love to wear this ethnic wear occasionally. It is called by different names and worn differently in different sates of India. Over the past century or more, the western clothings have taken the place of traditional Indian wear like dhoti. Attire worn by important political persons makes a political statement. People say that clothes may or may not make a man but they certainly make a point when political leaders wear them.

The highest number of dhoti wearers are found in the western states of Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra. Dhoti wearers are predominant in the states of West Bengal&Orissa too. In the northern parts of Gujarat and southern parts of Rajasthan the dhoti is worn with a short kurta called 'kediya' on top. In northern India and West Bengal, the garment is worn with a kurta on top, the combination known simply as "dhoti kurta". In Tamil Nadu, it is worn with an angavastram (another unstitched cloth draped over the shoulders) or else with a chokka (shirt) in Andhra Pradesh or jubba (a local version of kurta)

Video - How to wear it.

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