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CAMEL FESTIVAL (BIKANER) - Location, Introduction, Major Attractions of the festival, List of Hotels

Camel Festivals Details

Start Date: Tuesday, 18 January 2011
End Date: Thursday, 20 January 2011
Venue: Bikaner,Rajasthan (India)

How To Reach Bikaner

By Air
The nearest airport service is at Jodhpur.
By Road
Rajasthan Roadways run very comfortable deluxe buses from Delhi (Bikaner House, Near India Gate) to Bikaner. The roads are very good, and it takes around 8-9 hrs from Jaipur.
With good road conditions you can also travel by private car/taxi.
By Rail
Several trains link it to important cities like Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai and Jodhpur.


The Camel Festival is organized in the month of January every year by the Department of Tourism, Art & Culture, Rajasthan. It is held in the city of Bikaner, with the magnificent Junagarh Fort forming as its backdrop. The festival is organized to underline the value of camel, the indispensable ship of the desert. Bikaner Camel Festival commences with a splendid as well as colorful procession of camels, festooned and ornamented. The procession then moves ahead to the Polo grounds, where it finally concludes.
Bikaner, the fortified city of Rajasthan, bedazzles in the month of January as each year the magnificent fest glorifies the golden sands.

The festival starts with the procession of beautifully decorated camels. The procession heads towards the open sand grounds. Here, the festivities begin in earnest. The Camel Pageant is held on the first day wherein the camel owners show off their Camels' decorations and jewellery. Camel dance performances are also held. A competition for best decorated camel, fur cutting design, camel milking and the best camel hair cut is organized The camels display amazing footwork, dancing gracefully to the slightest direction of their drivers. Colourful bridles, bejewelled necks, jingling anklets and long, lanky camel shadows on dusky sands, cast a magical spell.

In this festival tea and sweets prepared by camel milk are made available to the visitors interested in enjoying them.

Situated in the heart of the desert belt, Bikaner was always an inaccessible land. Before the advent of modern motor vehicles, the survival of the people of this region depended on the 'Ship of the desert' - the Camel. The camels of this region were famous for their endurance as well as their strength and beauty.

In fact, the Bikaner army had an elite camel corps called the Ganga Risala which took active part in both the World Wars. The Ganga Risala was a Camel unit in the army even after the independence and it took part in Indo-Pak wars. Bikaner also boasts of the only Camel breeding center in India.

Camel can still be seen pulling heavy loads on carts in this region. With such a long association with Camels, it is but natural that the Department of Tourism, Art and Culture chose to hold the Camel festival in Bikaner.

Places to see in Bikaner

List of Major Hotels in Bikaner

Three Star Hotel

Hotel Raj Vilas Palace

Heritage Hotel

Hotel Bhairon Vilas

Hotel Maan Bilas

Hotel Marudhar Heritage

Hotel Jaswant Bhawan

Hotel Meghsar Castle

Deluxe Heritage Hotel

Hotel Bhanwar Niwas

Hotel Karni Bhawan Palace

Hotel Lallgarh Palace

Hotel Basant Vihar Palace

Gajner Palace Hotel

Budget Hotel

Hotel Dhola Maru

Hotel Harasar Haveli

Hotel Bothra Planet

Hotel Sagar

Hotel Thar

Hotel Shri Ram

Hotel Shivam

Hotel Jaidev Plaza

Hotel Palace View

Rajpura's Bahadur Vilas


Marudhyan Resort

Deluxe Resort

Heritage Resort

Grand Heritage Hotel

Hotel Laxmi Niwas Palace

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