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Pradosh Vrat : Introduction, Significance, Katha (Pradosh Vrata), Procedure, Udyapan / Ending, Dates in 2011, Pardosh Shotram

Pradosh Fast is observed on Trayodashi of every Moon month(Chandra Masa). This fast is kept in both Krishna and Shukla Paksha. The time of 2 hours 24 minutes, after sunset is known as Pradosh time. It keep changes according to the different territories. Normally, a period between sunset and starting of night is considered as Pradosh Kaal.

It is believed, that in Pradosh Kaal, Lord Bholenath, perform dance on Mount Kailash in a pleased mood. Devotees of Lord Shiva should observe the Pradosh Vrat of Trayodashi Tithi in a systematic way.

This fast joins a person with religious practices and salvation, and, free from the shackles of mean working. In this fast Lord Shiva is worshiped. People doing this Puja, get relived from their poverty, death, sadness and loans.

Pradhosha Vrata Significance

According to the Shiva Puranas, observing a fast on Pradosham Vratam is regarded as highly auspicious and beneficial. One would be blessed with wealth, children, happiness and honor. While the fast is undertaken by all Shiva devotees, but all women who have been longing for a son specially observe this. Also, praying to Lord Shiva during the course of the fast is said to liberate the devotee from all his previous and present sins and evil deeds committed. According to one legend, Lord Shiva is believed to have drunk the Halahala poison during Pradosham. This poison was mixed with the Ocean of Milk (Samudra Manthan).

uspicious Fruits of Pradosham Fasting
Different benefits are obtained by Pradosh Vrat as per the different days. Like,
As, Trayodashi is falling on Monday, this fast provides with good health. Observing Pradosh Vrat of Trayodashi helps to fulfil our wishes. The pradosh fast of Trayodashi, falling on Tuesday of a month, cure diseases and provide with benefits of health. And, Pradosh Vrat, of Wednesday, has chances of fulfilling the wishes of person observing the fast.
Guru Pradosh Vrat is observed for the destruction of enemies. Pradosh Vrat of Saturday is observed for the pleasure and happiness of married life. Also, people expecting to conceive a child, should observe this Pradosh fast of Saturday. When Praodsh Vrat is kept, keeping in mind the motive of fast then, the benefits gained from fasting are more fruitful.

Udyapan(Ending) of Pradosh Vrat

After keeping the fast for 11 or 26 Trayodashi, the Vrat is concluded. It is also known by the name of Udyapan.

Procedure of Udyapan of Pradosh Vrat

For the conclusion of this fast, Trayodashi Tithi is selected. One day before Udyapan, Lord Ganesha is worshiped. One night before, Kritan and Jagran are performed. Early in the morning, the Mandap is made and decorated with clothes and lotus flowers. A rosary of (108 times) "ऊँ उमा सहित शिवाय नम:" is chanted and hawan is performed. Kheer is used in Aahuti(offering) in Hawan.
After the Hawan is over, Aarti of God Bholenath is performed and Peace mantra(Shanti Path) is recited. At the end, two Brahmans are offered food. Also, alms are given as per ones capacity and blessing are taken.

Pradosh Fast Dates and Days 2011

Chandra Masa Date Day
Paush Krishna 1 January Saturday
Paush Shukla 17 January Monday
Magh Krishna 31 January Monday
Magh Shukla 16 February Wednesday
Falgun Krishna 02 March Wednesday
Falgun Shukla 17 March Thursday
Chaitra Krishna 31 March Thursday
Chaitra Shukla 15 April Friday
Vaishakh Krishna 30 April Saturday
Vaishakh Shukla 15 May Sunday
Jyeshta Krishna 30 May Monday
Jyeshta Shukla 13 June Monday
Aashad Krishna(Bhum) 28 June Tuesday
Aashad Shukla(Bhum) 12 July Tuesday
Shravan Krishna 28 July Tuesday
Shravan Shukla 11 August Thursday
Bhadrapad Krishna 26 August Friday
Bhadrapad Shukla 09 September Friday
Ashwin Krishna 25 September Sunday
Ashwin Shukla 09 October Sunday
Kartik Krishna 24 October Monday
Kartik Shukla 08 November Tuesday
Margshirsh Krishna 23 November Wednesday
Margshrish Shukla 07 December Wednesday
Paush Krishna 22 December Thursday

Pradosh Shotram

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