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Pachmarhi Tourism : Queen of Satpuras, Highest point in Madhya Pradesh, Main Points, Location, How to Reach, Introduction, Main Attractions

Pachmarhi Fast Facts

Area :59.01 sq km
Altitude : 1, 100 m above sea level
Population: 12,495
Languages: Hindi, English
Religion Hinduism (94.21%), Others (5.79%)
Annual Mean Rainfall: 85.84 mm
Maximum Temperature: 25.7°C
Minimum Temperature: 14.9°C
STD Code: 07578

How to Reach Pachmarhi :

By Air : The nearest airport for pachmarhi hill station is the Bhopal Airport ( Raja Bhoj Airport ) at a distance of 255 km . Another airport for reaching pachmarhi is the Jabalpur airport situated at distance of 250 km.

By Rail : Nearest Railway Station for Pachmarhi is the Pipariya railway station. Pipariya railway station is about 55 km from Pachmarhi hill station.

By Road : Pachmarhi is very well connected by road with Jabalpur , Bhopal , Nagpur and other nearby cities.

Best Time to Visit Pachmarhi : October till April

Pachmarhi - Introduction
Pachmarhi is known as the Queen of Satpuras. Occupying the highest point in Madhya Pradesh, it is an offbeat hilly retreat with pristine wilderness and more or less untouched terrains. Deep gorges, dense forests, streams, cascading waterfalls and groves of sal and bamboo add to Pachmarhi's natural beauty. It was the capital of the erstwhile Central Provinces and till today, a part of the town is an army cantonment. Discovered by a British Captain in 1857, Pachmarhi also has nostalgic remains of colonial architecture.
Panchmarhi is a pulsating hill resort in the central state of India, Madhya Pradesh. Panchmarhi is far and away from the madding crowds. The hill resort is the perfect place to holiday in the lap of nature. The hill resort derives its name from the five Pandav caves it is home to.

Places to visit in Pachmarhi

  • Priyadarshini (Forsyth Point)
  • Jamuna Prapat (Bee Fall)
  • Handi Khoh
  • Apsara Vihar (Fairy Pool)
  • Rajat Prapat (Big Fall)
  • Irene Pool
  • Jalawataran (Duchess Falls)
  • Sunder Kund (Saunder's Pool)
  • Mahadeo
  • Chhota Mahadeo
  • Chauragarh
  • Jata Shankar
  • Dhoopgarh
  • Pandav Caves
  • Tridhara (Piccadily Circus)
  • Vanshree Vihar (Pansy Pool)
  • Reechhgarh
  • Sangam (Fuller's Khud - Waters Meet)
  • Catholic Church
  • Christ Church
  • Satpura National Park
  • Bison Lodge

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