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Tirumala Venkateswara Temple, Tirupati Balaji : Introduction, Significance & Importance, History & Mythology, List of temples near by, List of Hotels


Tirumala Venkateswara Temple is a famous Hindu temple located in the hill town Tirumala, near Tirupati in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, India. Tirumala is a hill town in Chittoor district in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. Tirumala is a Firstmost divine piligrim center of Hindu/Vedha Religion, popularly known as Sri Venkateswara Temple - which is dedicated for the Supreme God Shri mann Narayana/Maha Vishnu. As like Rama Avathara/Krishna Avathara are known as Vibhava avathara of the God, the Sri Rengam/Tirumala/Badrinath are the existing places of Archavatharas of the Supreme God. It is located 580 kilometres (360 mi) south of state capital, Hyderabad , about 200 kilometers from Bangalore, about 120 kilometers from Vellore, Tamilnadu, and 157 kilometres (98 mi) north west of Chennai.

The temple is reportedly the richest and the most visited place of worship in the world. The temple is visited by about 50,000 to 100,000 pilgrims daily (3 to 4 crore people annually on an average), while on special occasions and festivals, like the annual Brahmotsavam, the number of pilgrims shoots up to 500,000, making it the most visited holy place in the world.

The Seven Hills

The seven hills represent the Saptarishi. They sometimes called the Sapathagiri. Hence the Lord is named Saptagirinivasa. Following are the seven hills:
Vrushabadri (Hill of Nandi, the vahana of Lord Shiva)
Anjanadri (Hill of Lord Hanuman)
Neeladri (Hill of Neela Devi) - When Lord Balaji was hit by a shepard on his head, a small portion of his scalp becomes bald. There is no hair growth over there and this is noticed by a Gandharva princess Neela Devi. She feels "such an attractive face should not have a flaw". Immediately she cuts a portion of her hair and with her magical power she implants it on his scalp. Then Lord Balaji notices her sacrifice as hair is the beautiful aspect of female, he promises her that all his devotees who come to his abode should render their hair to him and she would be the recipient of all that hair received. Hence it is believed that hair offered by the devotees is accepted by Neela devi.
Garudadri (Hill of Garuda, the vahana of Lord Vishnu)
Seshadri (Hill of Sesha, the dasa of Lord Vishnu)
Naraynadri (Hill of Narayana (Vishnu))
Venkatadri (Hill of Lord Venkateswara)
Sri Venkatesa Suprabhatam, the range of 7 hills are known that Seshalam, Garudachalam, Venkatadri, Narayanadri, Vrishabhadri, Anjanadri, Neeladri. and represents the great serpent bed.

Temples In and around Tirumala Venakateswara Temple

Sri Kalahasti is an ancient temple of Lord Shiva situated on the banks of River Swarnamukhi.The renowned devotee of Lord Shiva, Kannappa attained salvation here. This temple is 38 Kilometers away from Tirupati and is connected by frequent buses.
  • Srinivasa Mangapuram is situated 5 Kilometers away from Tirupati.This temple houses Lord Venkatesawara who is also known here as Prasanna Venkateswara or Kalyana Venkateswara. Convenient bus connections are available to this place from Tirupati
  • Sri Pamdmavati Devi Alayam (Alamelu Mangapuram) an important temple which is visited by every pilgrim who visits Tirupati.It is located 4 kilometers south of Tirupati. This temple houses the spouses of the Lord, Sri Padmavathi devi(Alamelu Mangamma) and Thayaru. According to the legends ,Goddess Padmavathi was born in a tank called Pushakarini at this place. The temples of Sri Krishna Swamy and Sri Sundara raja Swamy are also inside the complex.
  • Sri Govinda Raja Swami Temple is located in Tirupati quite near from the railway station.The highlight of the temple is its outer pinnacle(Gaali Gopuram) which is visible from a distance. Apart from Sri Govindaraja Swamy's ,The temple complex also houses the shrines of Andal Ammavaru, Sri Krishna ,Sri Ramanuja Thirumangai Alwar,Sri Vedanta Desika, Sri Lakshmi and Sri Manevala Mahamunlu. The Bramhotsavam of Govindaraja Swamy during the month of May–June( Vaisakha),attracts a large number of devotees every year.
  • Sri Kodanda Rama Swami Temple is also situated in Tirupati. This temple houses the Shrines of Lord Rama, Sita and Lakshmana. The beautiful idols of this temple are very famous. Bramhotsavam in this temple takes place in the month of march-april(Falgun).
  • Sri Kapileswara Swami Temple is the only temple of Lord Shiva in Tirupati. Pilgrims normaly proceed to Tirumala for Darshan after taking a customary dip in the temple tank. Located amidst beautiful foothills of Tirumala,the place is also known for its natural water falls.
  • Sri Kalyana Venkateswara Swami Temple is located at a place called Narayanavanam. According to the legends Lord Venkateswara is believed to have courted and married Goddess Padmavathi Devi here,Hence the Temple of Kalyana Venkateswara Swamy.
History & Mythology

List of Hotels

Hotel Bliss (3 Star)
Hotel Kalyan Residency (3 Star)
Hotel Guestline (3 Star)
Hotel Mayura (3 Star)
Hotel Sindhuri Park (3 Star)
Ramee Guestline Hotel (3 Star)
Hotel Fortune Kences

Budget Hotels

Bhimas Deluxe Hotel
Hotel Bhimas Paradise
Bhimas Residency

Guest Houses

Sri Padmavathi Guest House
Sri Venkateswara Guest House
Sri Varahaswami Guest House
TTD Alipiri Guest House


Sri Kodandarama Dharmasala
Sri Govindaraja Dharmasala
Sri Venkateswara Dharmasala

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