Sunday, August 28, 2011

List of Best Restaurants In Chandigarh : Fast Food, South Indian, Chinese, Sweets

Chandigarh offers a variety of eating-out options. Being multi-ethnic in nature, the city has number of restaurants catering to the taste of almost every person. It will surely have something memorable to offer to you, whether you like traditional food or are one of the Chinese and continental food seekers. You get a variety of foods to eat in Chandigarh, starting from spicy to sweet items and that too at reasonable rates. Below is given the list of some of the popular eating joints of Chandigarh.

KFC (Madhya Marg, Sec-8)
Food Plaza (Sec-22)
Chow Choppe (Sec-34)
McDonald's (Sec-35)
Pizza Hut (Sec-26, Phase-5, Mohali)
Smoking Joe Pizzas (Sec-35)
Domino's Pizza (Sec-17)
Ruby Tuesday (Fun Republic)
Sugar Loaf (Sec-8)
Tingu's (Sec-9)
Jam Pack (Sec-11)
Slice Of Italy (Sec-11)
Oven Fresh (Sec-35)
Subway (Sec-17, 35)
Hot Millions (Sec-17)
Chaplin Fast Food (Sec-16, Panchkula)

Sundaram (Sec-35)
Sagar Ratna (Sec-34,17)
Annapurna (Sec-11)
Swagath (Sec-26)
Ratnam's (Sec-35)

Mandrain (Sec-17)
Fen Fang (Mani Majra)
Shangri-la (Sec-35)
Yo! China (Sec-5, 9)
Chop Stick (Sec-22)
Black Lotus (Sec-17)
Hong Kong Restaurant (Sec-17)

Baskin Robbins (Sec-17, 35)
Hot Millions (Sec 17)
Milkfood (Sec-17)

Sugar Loaf (Sec-8)
Ghazal (Sec-17)
Indian Coffee House (Sec-17)
Mehfil (Sec-17)
Sizzler (Sec-17)
Maya Palace (Sec-35)
Metro-35 (Sec-35)
Pallavi (Sec 5, Panchkula)
Mezbaan (Phase 4, Mohali)
Gopal's (Sec-8, 35)

Gopal's (Sec-8, 35)
Talwar (Sec-15)
Sindhi Sweets (Sec-17)
Doaba Sweets (Sec-21)
Gobind Sweets (Sec-27)
Maa Durga (Sec-34)
Katani Sweets (Sec-35)
Anupam (Sec-11, Panchkula)
Katani Sweets (Phase 1, Phase 3B2 - Mohali)

Nik Bakers (Sec-9, 35)
Polka Pastry (Sec-5, 34)
Golden Bakery (Sec-37)
National Bakery (Sec-19)
Real Bakery (Sec-15)

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Hey I am a big foodie. Thanx for giving info. about all cuisines at one place :) Now it will be easier for me to find a place to satiate my carnal desires.

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