Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bijasen Tekri, Indore : Tourism, Temple of Goddess Durga, Location, Introduction

Bijasen Tekri, Indore : Tourism, Temple of Goddess Durga, Location, Introduction 

Indore Bada Ganpati

Bijasan is one of the temples of the Hindu goddess Durga, situated in Indore District of Madhya Pradesh, India. Here a hillock (tekri) has a small temple of Bijasen Mata, built in 1920. Mela is held here during Navaratri. This place is 2 minutes drive from the airport and about 9 km from the railway station. From this hill, one gets a magnificent view of the sunset and a breathtaking view of city at night. Perched on top of the hill was a guest house of the Holkars, now converted into a Border Security Force Arms Museum. Surrounding area is being developed into gardens with a small lake. Ma BIJASAN is KUlDEVI of Hindu Gadariya(Kukroliya parivar)

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