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Hussain Sagar Lake, Hyderabad : Interesting Facts, Introduction, History, Nearby Attractions, Lumbini, Sanjeevaiah, Yogi bear, Indira Parks, NTR Gardens, 'Prasad’s IMAX'

Hussain Sagar Lake, Hyderabad : Interesting Facts, Introduction, History, Nearby Attractions, Lumbini, Sanjeevaiah, Yogi bear, Indira Parks, NTR Gardens, 'Prasad’s IMAX'

Place: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
Significance: Asia's largest artificial lake.
Best Season: June to February

The city of Hyderabad besides being known for its historic sites & museums is also renowned for its beautiful lakes. The Hussain Sagar Lake is one such picturesque lake that contributes to the charm of Hyderabad.

One of the largest man-made lakes, the uniqueness of Hussain Sagar Lake lies in the fact that it is located at the confluence of twin cities, Hyderabad & Secunderabad. This sprawling artificial lake was built way back in 1562 by Hussain Shah Wahi. Also constructed on the banks of the lake was a bund or the “Tank Bund” as it is called today. Augmenting the beauty & serenity of the lake is the world-renowned 16 m tall monolith of Lord Buddha, installed right at the center of the Hussain Sagar Lake.
Constructed of white granite, this 350 tonne statue stands majestically amidst scintillating lake water, acting as a silent witness to the changing hues of the city.

Evenings are a special time at the Hussain Sagar Lake, when large groups of families & young couples come down to the lake side to spend some quality time with their loved ones. While the lake is bustling with activity all year round, October to March is the best time to visit the lake. The lake is also a popular hot spot for water lovers. The regatta competition is a major annual event, when the lake is spotted with numerous colorful yachts.

Lumbini Park 

spread over an area of 4 acres is located adjacent to Hussain Sagar Lake right across the Buddha Statue, at a distance of 3kms from Hyderabad. This amusement park, named after the garden that was the birthplace of Buddha, offers a lot of amusement for all kinds of people.

Sanjeevaiah park

lies on the northern side of the Hussain Sagar lake. One of the most prominent garden parks in Hyderabad, it is spread over an area of 99 acres with lush green gardens is named after Dr. Neelam Sanjeev Reddy, the former President of India. It is a favourite destination for young couples and is often nick named as 'Lovers Park'.

Yogibear Children’s Park

Lying adjacent to Sanjeevaiah park, is an entertainment centre for children and toddlers. It provide variety of playthings like swinging bars, merry-go-rounds, balance bars, slides etc that attract children. It also has a miniature Golf Tract of 19 holes, a snack bar and an event shed for conducting competitions.

Indira Park, named after the former Prime Minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, is situated in the lower tank bund of Hyderabad. Spread over an area of 76 acres along the Hussain Sagar lake, it is an excellent picnic spot opened in 1978.

NTR Gardens

a leisure and entertainment center adjoining the Hussain Sagar Lake is located near Hussainsagar lake. Sprawling over an area of 36 acres, the garden which houses a memorial to the former Chief Minister Sri. N.T. Rama Rao, provides lots of recreation facilities like toy train, car cafe, Japanese garden essstc. The highlight of NTR garden is the 2000 sq.mts fruit restaurant which is surrounded by three petal shaped pools. It is open from 2.30P.M to 10.00P.M. Rs 15/- for adults and Rs. 10/- for children.

India’s 3 rd IMAX Theatre 'Prasad’s IMAX' is located on the banks of the Hussain Sagar Lake. Sprawling over an area of 2,35,000 sq.ft, it has an air conditioned facility and one stop recreation hub gives a unique and exciting experience.

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