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Agumbe, a place in Shimoga District : Location, How To Reach, Tourism, Best Time to Visit, Introduction, Major Attraction, Spectacular Agumbe Fauna


Agumbe is located in Shimoga district. It is at a distance of 380 Kms from Bangalore and 100 Kms from Mangalore. Agumbe receives a very heavy rainfall and is called Cherrapunji of the south. It receives second highest rainfall in India. It is also home to Agumbe Rainforest

How To Reach

By air :Nearest Airport is Mangalore airport which is 106 km from Agumbe. Bangalore airport is 400 km away.

By train: Agumbe is not reachable by train from other Indian cities. However Udupi is closest railway station which is 63 KM from Agumbe.

By bus : There are buses from Bangalore KSRTC(Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation). There are plenty of private buses that ply from the Udupi, Mangalore and Shimoga to Agumbe.

Best Time To Visit: November to January.


Agumbe is one of the highest peak's of western Ghats and is one of the four mountains which connects the plains to the coast. It is also part of Malnad. It is surrounded by a rich biodiversity, and adjacent to one of the last surviving lowland rain forests.
There are many hills, rivers and streams hidden in the dense forests around Agumbe. It is also a trekker's paradise.
The misty mornings, windy evenings and rainy nights are the delights of Agumbe. The renowned herpetologist, Romulus Whitaker called Agumbe the capital of King Cobra. An area near Agumbe has been converted into a protected area for Medicinal Plants to help in their conservation.

Major Tourist Attractions:

  • Sunset Point attracts a lot of visitors. On a clear day one can see the sunset over the Arabian Sea.
  • Gopalakrishna Temple is a 14th century temple which exhibits Hoysala Art is a major tourist attraction.
  • Barkana Falls is at a height of 850 Feet. The view from the valley is very spectacular. This fall is formed by the Seeta River, stop at the Barkana view point to get the glimpse of the Falls.
  • Kunchikal Falls is at height of 1493 Feet. It is the second highest waterfalls in India.This falls is formed by Varahi River.
  • Onake Abbi Falls is a beautiful water falls located deep in the forest. Onake means pounding stick in Kannada.
  • Jogigundi Falls is a very small falls very close to Agumbe, is a ideal picnic spot. It takes about 10 to 15 mins to reach this place.
Some of the Spectacular Agumbe Fauna

  • King Cobra
  • Lion-tailed macaque
  • Cane Turtle
  • Tiger
  • Dhole
  • Hornbills
  • Sambhar
  • Atlas moth
  • Flying lizard
  • Leopard
  • Myriads of birds and amphibians
  • Indian Gaur

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