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Gopnath Beach,Guajarat-Location & Introduction,History,Lodging,Major Attraction

Location & Introduction:

Locatation : Gopnath beach Gujarat is 275 km away from Ahmedabad, 75 km away from Bhavnagar which is well connected by rail and bus to Ahmedabad in India.
Touring Seasons : Through out the Year.

Gopnath Beach is a beach situated in the Talaja Taluka of Bhavnagar district of Gujarat state of India. It is located on the coast of the Gulf of Kambhat, at a distance of 75 km from the city of Bhavnagar. and 22 km. away from Talaja. Gopnath is a pristine beach known for its natural beauty. There is nice fort of king of Gohilvad in Gopnath.

Gopnath beach is known for its scenic beauty, limestone cliffs, natural surroundings and fascinating flora and fauna. A visit to the beach is an excellent way to relax, away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. The place is also home to a mansion built by the Maharaja for his comfortable stay. The mansion is now a tourist attraction for the people who come here. It was built in 1940s and has a huge complex, comprising of official chambers, residential quarters and cottages for the guests. Today, it provides limited accommodation facilities for the tourists.

Gopnath beach is an excellent break from the city during the summer months. Once Gopnath was the summer home of Maharaja Krishna Kumar Singhji of Bhavnagar. The Gopnath beach in Gujarat has lovely, soft sands for walking and shallow shore waters for wading, but the high tidal variance of the coast, makes the water murky and not very inviting for a long swim

Lodging in Gopnath:
Budget accommodations can be found in dharamshalas and guest houses near the temple. If you are search for a luxury class accommodation, you can find near Gopnath or Bhavnagar

Things to see in Gopnath Beach

Gopnath Temple
The 700 year elderly Gopnath temple is possibly the no more than one in India with flags of 2 colors - a white flag that denotes a Vishnu temple and a saffron flag on behalf of a Shiva temple.


Alang, is the leading ship breaking zone in the world. This harbor has attained this extraordinary specialization for the reason that of the nature of its tide. The twice monthly tides are incomparable at this harbor. The natural endowment of the region makes it a enormous tourist destinations in India.

Jhanjmer fort
Jhanjmer fort, supplementary down the coast, is an remarkable sight, named for the Kathi Rajput combatant chieftain, Jhanjhara Sinh of the Wala clan.

Gopnath BeachTalaja
Talaja, is a Jain temple compound meandering up to a 350 foot volcanic hill, which in turn is blemished by 1st century Buddhist caves - one of them espoused as hindu temples in India

Rajpara village has a gorgeous beach with white sand, extravagant rock formations. Though it is not exceedingly out of harm's way for swimming, it is enormous for the people who are in search of isolation and walks

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