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Sri Suktam Lyrics, with meaning- Prayers to Goddess Lakshmi, Video, To Attain Wealth And Happiness

Hiranyavarnaa harineem suvarna rajaathastrajam,
Chandraam hiranmayeem jatha vedo ma aavaha. 1

Hey God of fire,
Request that Sridevi,
Who shines like gold,
Who destroys all sins,
Who wears silver and gold ornaments,
Who is like the moon,
And who is golden,
To come here,
And shower her grace on me.

Thaam ma aavaha jatha vedo Lakshmi- manapagaaminim,
Yasyam hiranyam vindeyam kaamaswam purushanaham. 2

Hey God of fire,
Request that Sridevi,
By whose grace,
I got gold,
I got cows,
I got horses,
And I got relatives and friends,
To come here,
Shower her grace,
And never ever leave me.

Aswa poorva radha madhyaam hasthi nadha prabhodhineem,
Sriyam devi upahvaye srirma deveem jupathaam. 3

I beseech and request that Sridevi,
Who is heralded by the voice of elephants,
Who is piloted by horses,
And who is surrounded by chariots,
To come near me and shower her grace,
And request her to be within me.

Kaam sosmathim hiranya praakaram aardhra jwalantheem truptham tharpayantheem,
Padme sthithaam padma varnaam thaam ehopahvaye sriyam. 4

I request and pray that Sridevi,
Who is happiness personified,
Who is ever smiling,
Who is in the golden fort,
Who is full of mercy,
Who is ever shining,
Who makes others happy,
Who sits on the lotus,
And who is of the colour of lotus,
To be present here with me.

Chandraam prabhasam jwalanthim sriyam loke deva jushta mudhaaram,
Thaam padmineemeem saranamaham prapadhye lakshmeerme nasyatham twam vrune 5

I seek the protection of that Sridevi,
Who makes the world happy like the moon,
Who is richly lustrous,
Who shines because of her fame,
Who is full of mercy,
Who is the meaning of the letter �eem�,
And who possesses treasures like Padmanidhi,
And request Lakshmi to remove poverty from me.

Adhityavarne thamaso adhijaatho vanaspathisthva vrukshodha bilwa,
Tasya phalaani tapasa nudhanthu mayaantharayascha bahya alakshmi. 6

Hey Goddess who shines like sun,
By your great penance,
Was born the bilwa tree,
Which is the king of forests,
And let its fruits full of knowledge,
Remove ignorance inside,
And bad things outside.

Upaithu maam deva sakhaa keertheeya maninaa saha,
Pradhur bhoothosmo rashtresmin keerthim vruddhim dadhathu me. 7

The god of wealth Kubhera,
Who is the friend of Mahadeva,
Should come in search of me,
For I am born in this country,
Showered with your grace,
Be pleased to give me fame and fulfillment.

Kshupthipaasa malaam jyeshtamalakshmim nasayamyaham,
Abhoothim masamrudheem cha sarva nirnudha me grahad. 8

I would remove Jyeshta*,
Who creates hunger and thirst,
Wherever she lives,
By your grace,
And please remove poverty and want from my house.

Gandhadwaaram dhuradapaa nithyapushtaam kareepineem,
Easwaree sarva bhoothaanam thaam ehopahvaye swayam. 9

I request and pray that Sridevi,
Who pleases others by sweet scent,
Who cannot be defeated,
Who gives prosperity daily,
Who is full of everything,
And who is the goddess of all beings,
To come and be present here.

Maanasa kamamaakrutheem vachassathya maseemahi,
Pasoonaam roopamannasya mayi sree srayathaam yasa. 10

I request you goddess Sridevi,
To forever bless me,
With fulfillment of good desires of the mind,
With ebbing happiness in life,
With truth in my words,
And with beauty that plenty of food creates.

Kardhamena prajaa bhoothaa mayi sambhava kardhama,
Sriyam vaasaya me kule matharam padmamalineem. 11

Hey sage Kardhama** ,
In your house was born,
Goddess Sridevi as daughter,
And so be pleased to be with me,
So that mother Lakshmi with lotus garland,
Is forever in my family,
And bless us all with her grace.

Aapa srujanthu snigdhani Chikleetha vasa me gruhe,
Ni cha deveem matharam sriyam vasaya se kule. 12

Hey Sage Sikleedha***,
Who is the son of Sridevi,
Let the goddess of water,
Produce fatty products like milk and ghee,
And please come and live with us,
And request Goddess Sridevi,
To live in our family forever.

Aardhraa pushkarineem pushteem suvarna hema malineem,
Sarvaa hiranmayeem lakshmim jathaveda ma avaha. 13

Hey god of fire,
Be pleased to bless me,
So that Goddess Sridevi,
Who is deeply merciful,
Who lives on a lotus,
Who supplies food to the world,
Who is of golden colour,
Who wears the garland of lotus,
Who makes us happy like the moon god,
And who is purity personified,
To come and be with me.

Aardhraa ya karinim yashtim pingalaam padmalineem,
Chanraam hiranmayeem lakshmeem jathavedo ma avaaha. 14

Hey god of fire,
Be pleased to bless me,
So that Goddess Sridevi,
Who is deeply merciful,
Who holds the staff of the emperor,
Who has a body like tender climbing plant,
Who has a pretty colour,
Who wears golden garland,
Who shines like sun god,
And who is purity personified,
To come and be with me.

Thaam ma avaha jathavedo Lakshmi managaamineem,
Yasyaam hiranyam prabhootham gaavo dasyoswaan vindheyam purushapaanaham 15

Hey god of fire,
Be pleased to bless me,
So that Goddess Sridevi,
By whose grace,
I will get plenty of Gold,
I will get lot of cows,
I will get lot of maidservants,
I will get lot of horses.
And I will get lot of servants,
Never ever leave me.

Ya suchi prayatho bhoothwa juhu yaadajya mavaham
Sriya panchadasascha cha srikaama ssathatham japeth. 16

He who prays for the grace of Sridevi,
Should be pure in mind and body,
Control his mind,
And everyday chant the above,
Fifteen rik mantras,
And do homa* with ghee.

Video-Sri Suktam

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